The Pandemic Action Network (PAN) working together with Africa CDC have conceptualized an Africa Mask Week social media campaign to compliment the efforts under the Africa Against COVID-19: Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods Campaign launched in August.  This effort will be building on the wave of a successful World Mask Week Campaign that PAN and partners (including WHO, US CDC, Africa CDC, China CDC, Facebook and Google among others) run in August 2020. For more on this effort, kindly visit our website here.

As we are aware, without a vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat COVID-19, Africa’s best tools to deal with the disease are the recommended public health and social measures, which include hand hygiene, environmental hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing. Proper mask-wearing is one of the key respiratory hygiene measures as it protects respiratory droplets from dropping on the eyes and nose of those wearing a mask.  The public pressure on governments to ease lockdowns has seen governments gradually ease the restrictions, leading to increased interactions in public places such as workplaces, shops, restaurants and public transport. This has also led to a surge in infections in a number of countries.  With this effort, we aim to create awareness on the risks of COVID-19 and the importance of continued mask wearing in public places to reduce its spread and infection.

 In view of the foregoing, we are convening a partners call to discuss the initiative and also map whatever support partners can lend to this effort (see invite to partners call attached). This is to kindly request your support in sharing this with the IAWG membership if that is in order.  We would also be happy to present more on this initiative during IAWGs meeting if need be and would be glad to provide any clarifications as well.

The Pandemic Action Network is comprised of more than 40 member and affiliate organizations who work together to:

 • Drive concerted action on selected policy, advocacy and communications initiatives;

• Support and amplify selected partner activities that support the Network’s mission and objectives;

• Share relevant information; and

• Offer policy, advocacy and communications expertise in relation to pandemic preparedness and response.

 Our goal is to drive collective action to help bring an end to COVID-19 and to ensure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic (See attached overview doc for more on PAN).


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