Communication & Advocacy

Terms of Reference

1.Key objectives

The IAWG Communications and Advocacy Sub Group will come together in order to:

  • Share information and identify joint opportunities/ events to further regional advocacy objectives agreed by members of the group, as well as identify risks to the organisations in the group.
  • Enhance inter agency communications and external messaging, and Public information on relevant issues in the region.
  • Develop and disseminate public facing information and products on relevant issues and contexts in the region, with the aim to increase its visibility.
  • Identify opportunities for coordination of regional initiatives and seek to improve engagement between humanitarian and development actors.
  • Bring national/ country level issues - voices and evidences from the field to a regional level to advocate for the right changes to the right target.
  • Provide peer support to individual agency advocacy staff and provide capacity building / technical support to IAWG working groups and members.
  • Strengthen relationships between IAWG members and non traditional actors, private sector, etc
  • Promote media activities and joint media engagement strategies.
  • Support in-country coordination mechanisms.

2.Methodology / Approach

  • We will ensure our advocacy is grounded in evidence-based action and where possible joint operational research.
  • We will develop shared tools for use by members e.g. advocacy and media calendars, position papers, shared messaging.
  • We will seek to create linkages between governments, donors and humanitarian actors at regional and global levels.
  • We will identify 2-3 key issues to work on together at regional level.
  • We will seek to be proactive and  reactive when necessary.
  • We will coordinate joint engagement in identified priorities and at specific moments during the year e.g. World Refugee Day and World Humanitarian Day.
  • Where resources exist, we will encourage individual members to take forward action to which other IAWG members can give their support.

3.Key priorities/Themes (subject to membership prioritization)

  • Food Security/Resilience/DRR
  • Conflict / Access and Security
  • Displacement
  • Durable solutions/Peace Processes
  • Supporting human rights/Protection

Cross cutting 

  • Vulnerable groups / gender
  • Humanitarian Reform
  • NGO / Government relations
  • Capacity building with partners
  • Accountability
  • Governance
  • Localization/Grand Bargain



The group is open to representatives from all IAWG organizations, as well as UN agencies and other organizations that are members of the RHPT. Participation by any other interested parties is welcome as long as prior information regarding attendance is shared with the chair / co chair. If participation by a particular organization and / or individual is deemed questionable, information regarding their interest to participate will be shared with other members of the group prior to the meeting.

5.Linkages / Complementarity

The IAWG Communications and Advocacy Sub-Group will be cognisant of complementary activities amongst the following groups / initiatives:

  • Regional Humanitarian Partnership Team (RHPT)
  • Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat.
  • Somalia NGO Consortium and other national forums
  • InterAction, ICVA and other global alliances


  • The IAWG Communications and Advocacy Sub-Group will meet monthly or more regularly dependent on priorities
  • The Chair / Co Chair will attend the IAWG Core Group and the RHPT and update the group and vice versa
  • Specific functions of the chair/co -chairs include:
  • Representation
  • Lead and follow up on specific work streams and sub working group activities
  • Information management ad sharing as appropriate
  • Link with other IAWG sub working groups and regional/ global. policy networks.
  • The chair and co chair will be nominated for a period of one year. To ensure continuity, the chair and co chair will rotate a year each. Ideally, one will be a communications specialist and the other and advocacy one.


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