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The Inter-Agency Working Group on Disaster Preparedness (IAWG) was established following discussions during the OCHA Regional Contingency Planning exercise in June 2002. It was formed to enhance information sharing for humanitarian workers in the larger East and Central African region. Since the beginnings of the IAWG, there has been a growth in participation including members from over sixty international NGOs, the International Federation of the Red Cross and United Nations agencies who are active within the region.

Thematic Groups operate under the IAWG and one of these is the Training and Capacity Building Sub Group. The Training and Capacity Building Sub Group (TCBG) of the IAWG has been active for the last 7 years. Initially the Training and Capacity Building Sub Group (TCBG) focused on building the capacity and capabilities of emergency relief agencies and their implementing partners to enhance their response to emergencies and increase their preparedness.

 In the years that followed, the TCBG changed focus; although learning remained pivotal as the final aim and objective the TCBG moved away from conducting training to concentrating on events that promote learning in non-traditional ways. Over the last two (2) years, the TCBG has remained defunct due to transition of a majority of its members as well as reduced funding of learning programs.

In 2019, various members expressed a need to belong to a learning and development group where they can share ideas and learn from one another. Due to availability of funding to support the meetings, an initiative was born to bring members together. The TCBG now realizes that the name of the group does not match the activities nor the vision for the group. It is hence for this reason that the group took some time to reflect and re-strategize in order to fashion itself in a way that will be most effective. This birthed the new name: Learning and Development working group.

Purpose Statement

To be the vehicle through which implementing agencies in the region gain access to global and regional initiatives to support humanitarian learning and development. Many of these efforts will be through partnerships and collaboration with various stakeholders.

Pillars of the Learning and Development Working group

These are guiding principles that will guide the engagement of the group with one another and with other sub-groups of the inter-agency working group as well as external partners.

They are:

  • Research & Learning
  • Innovation and trends in learning (engagement with global trends& innovation in learning)
  • Partnerships- Stakeholder identification, mapping & Linkages
  • Inclusion (Learning and special needs) will be an over-arching pillar that will cut across all the engagements of the working group both internally and externally.

Objectives of the group

  1.  Connect, share opportunities& resources linked to learning and development (lessons learnt, good practices.
  2. Enable a platform that Supports research initiatives and innovative collaboration across the sector.
  3. Develop a pool of quality humanitarian trainers across the sector in the region

Ways of working

  1. Group member Meetings

L&D working group meetings will be held every month for the 1st Quarter of 2020

Meetings will be the 3rd Thursday of every month from 10.00am to 12.00pm

Location of meetings will be at Plan international regional office.

  1. Leadership

Chair- Faith Magadi- World Vision

Co-chair- SCI - TBC



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