Regional Security Forum (RSF)

Regional Security Forum
To provide a platform for sharing information on safety and security, including contextual
developments, best practices and lessons learned, for the humanitarian community in the
East & Central Africa region.
The Regional Security Forum:
1. Acknowledges the importance of humanitarian principles, namely humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.
2. Respects the confidentiality of information provided by members in the forum;
Chatham House rules apply, both to meetings and discussions in the RSF Skype group.
3. Provides a platform for regional-level engagement on safety and security issues of concern to the humanitarian and development community.
4. Fosters networking of professional contacts across RSF membership and wider networks.
5. Is based on the principle and spirit of open sharing and active participation of all members, and through this the RSF delivers timely and accurate information to members.
6. Focuses on regional-level issues related to safety and security.
7. Values diversity in its organisational membership.
8. Operates at no cost/low cost to members.
Membership is on request through the chairperson who vets the applicant’s conformance with RSF membership criteria. Where there is uncertainty on whether these criteria have been met the chairperson may choose to consult with members.
Contact the IAWG Coordinator for more info - coordinator(at) 

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