Sub Working Groups

Our work is done through the various sub-working groups formed on various thematic issues. The sub working groups provide a platform for members to; exchange information, communicate key developments in the sector, identify opportunities for collective advocacy, identify challenges, gain from the experience of others and build partnerships.

Each working group is guided by its own Terms of Reference (ToR), which is constantly updated to identify and prioritize gaps, progress and areas of improvement. We encourage member’s active involvement in these working groups. Please contact the IAWG Coordinator if you are interested in participating.

Currently we have the following sub-working groups;

Creation of IAWG Sub / Working Groups

Members of IAWG are encouraged to come up with new sub-groups which will improve the coordination work in the region. Each new sub-group should aim at filling a gap and should not duplicate the efforts of other coordination mechanisms in the region.

For a new sub-group to be accepted under the IAWG’s umbrella, it must meet the following requirements:

  • State the existing gap and how the new sub-group will fill it.
  • Have formalized objectives.
  • Have interest from 5 official members of the IAWG.
  • Identify an individual willing to volunteer as a chair for the group for at least six months.

If all the requirements are met, the sub-group initiator will present the idea and formalized objectives to the Core-Group for discussion and agreement. Upon approval the group will be eligible for access to IAWG funds, authority to use the IAWG logo, a page will be created for the new sub / working group on the IAWG website, they will receive administration support for the meetings from the Coordinator and a mailing list for the sub-group will be established and maintained by IAWG. 

Sub / Working Group Leadership

Each group shall have a chair (or two co-chairs). Each sub / working group shall have a well-defined scope of work or TOR. Each group shall be free to manage their affairs and activities with a high degree of flexibility with due regard to the role of the Core Group.

Elected chairs, and in some cases two co-chairs, provide leadership to the sub / working groups and represent the sub / working group at the core-group meetings.

Chairs are nominated by the membership of each group and serve a term of two years with one co-chair ideally changing each year to allow for smooth handover

Specific responsibilities for chairs include:

  • Convening sub-group meetings and providing leadership to the overall sub-group
  • Leading the annual process of defining sub-group work plans and budgets
  • Leading the organization of sub-group special events in collaboration with the Coordinator
  • Regular participation in Core Group meetings 

The chair of each sub / working group shall report to the Core Group.  

Criteria for the nominations/elections Sub-working groups co-chairs include:

  • Should be from a registered  member of IAWG – see the list of our members
  • Should be committed to the vision/ mission of the working group
  • Must attend 90% of the core-chairs and working groups meetings
  • Must be able to fulfill the responsibilities for the co-chair role
  • When possible, priority should be given to members of small or national NGOs to increase diversity within the core-group 


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